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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry beil. >> we had a rare summer storm hit overnight. let's look at some of the incredible lightning show over the bay area. this was taken over the giants ballpark in san francisco. a representative for the giants tells abc 7 news they don't believe lightning struck the stadium school board, even though it might look like it from the video. >> rather ominous. in marin county, residents woke to a clap this morning. it was a lightning strike that hit a tree, split part of the trunk and left a charred mark where the lightning hit. fortunately nobody was hurt. damage minimal, though. it did startle thousands of people. a homeowner right next door to
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the tree was about to hop into the shower when the lightning struck. >> there was a flash that came out of the spout in the bathtub, and then we heard a big boom. we didn't know what it was. there was debris flying all over the place. we discovered that lightning had struck. >> wow, well the lightning, we had some rain this morning. this is video from the next town over from kentville. the rain soaked cars. the rain also came down in the south bay. it didn't last long. the wet weather did not do much to impact the drought conditions. every little bit helps. >> the storm clouds have rolled out. andy is here now with our accuweather update. >> hi there, and yeah, it was a rude awakening when the thunderstorms rolled through. right now we're seeing cloud cover, but air mass is
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stabilizing. i'll show you exactly what happened. right now mainly sunny skies except for a few clouds or not. watch the moisture south of san francisco as we see an intense batch of moisture move through with the thunderstorms moving in from southwest to northeast. numerous lightning strikes, and of course, we had the rain as wellment thunderstorms are shifting to the north, and that's where there is a red flag warning until 11:00 p.m. tonight. thunderstorms along with dry fuels could trigger some fires. so keep that in mind. here are the rainfall totals. previous record for the day was set back in 1913. .1 inch in oakland. at the airport, trace amounts. livermore, half-moon bay,.2 inches of rain. and so yes, we did have some moisture in the bay area. and if you're watching for the late shows at 9:00 p.m., i talked about the potential for thunderstorms. they materialized. i'll be back with a look at the
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changing forecast in just a few minutes. larry? >> thanks, sandy. you can track the stormy summer weather in your neighborhood with the abc 7 weather app. download it for free at abc7 in the app store or in google play. the oakland coliseum lost electricity early. that power was quickly restored. no reports of damage at tonight's game against the the houston astros will be played as schedule. first pitch, 7:05. >> the disputed lease agreement between the a's and oakland appears to be settled. they're ready to move forward after the a's owner -- you may recall the city rejected a previous deal worked out after 14 months of negotiations between the a's and joint power authority. that's the agency that governs the coliseum complex. it's important to know nothing will be official until county
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supervisors and the apa approves the new deal. and even so, city leaders are pretty excited. >> we look forward to moving the forward as we finalize this deal to keep our team in oakland to preserve over 1,000 jobs that are tied to our sports team, and to build a stronger future with a new a's ballpark at the coliseum area. >> oakland mayor issuing a statement. wolfe saying we appreciate the cooperation and efforts of oakland city officials and optimistic that our negotiations led to a fair and mutually beneficial relationship. quan thanked the team and said we look forward to moving onto talking about the bigger goal, building a beautiful new ballpark for the team here in oakland. the water is back on. that's after crews fixed a line that left hundreds of residents at an upscale apartment complex
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with no running water since friday night. they didn't have a to shower, wash dishes or use the toilet. many are upset with management for not answering the questions and for taking so long to fix the problem. the company is refusing to comment on what happened. >> a crackdown is in the works for water wasters in the south bay. >> and abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at valley district headquarters where the board will meet two hours from now. all of these, including san francisco are considering it, all in an effort to try to boost water conservation. >> drive through any neighborhood and it won't take long water waste. excessive sprinkling of lawn and leaves on the sidewalk were enough. that won't be tolerated as water
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wholesalers and providers focus on a 20% reduction in use. the water district's plan is to hire 5 to 10 temporary water cops to flag waste. >> most people respond to a worng or a letter or to education. if there are people ignoring water rules after they've been told, then fines are available. >> valley water workers can't impose fines themselves ls. but the state has authorized fines up to $500. the public will have inquiries to blow the whistle. the former gardner said he's not going to turn in the neighbors. he would prefer to say something face to face. if the the police come, they give you a ticket. so watch out. >> others who let the lawns go brown won't hesitate to let the whistle blow on those who keep watering. >> would you report people? >> i would. i would. this is bad enough. probably one of the worst we've had. of course.
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users on average have cut back 12%. palo alto is a top saver. the least savings, the the city of santa clara at 7%. adding the so-called water cops will cost a half million dollars. if neighbors don't blow the whistle, there's an incentive for them to talk to the water waster. david louie, abc 7 news. this november san francisco voters will get to decide if they want to tax a sugary drinks. a board of supervisors just approved the ballot measure. it will add 2 cents tax every ounce. a 20-ounce so da will cost 40 cents more. we'll tell you how the tax money will be spent if it's approved by voters. well, the girl arrested for robbing a girl selling candy
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just made her first court appearance. this is surveillance video from last monday. police say three kids were selling candy when christian approached an 8-year-old girl holding the money that they raised. they twisted the arm and stole the cash. she's being held on $100,000 bail. the judge says christian cannot go near the girl or the store where it happened. a man accused of murdering a retired teacher tried to get out of jail again. prosecutors say darnell washington tried to get out of jail by carving his way out after cell window and making a rope out of bed sheets. before his 2012 murder arrest, he successfully escaped from a san bernardino jail using a similar method. washington and his wife pleaded not guilty to the murder of 55-year-old who was killed during a robbery, burglary and
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car jacking. the attorney asked the the judge to remove his shackles. but the prosecutor appealed a new attempt. now to the crisis in the middle east. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is asking the u.s. to resume flights to israel. >> they banned u.s. carriers from flying to tel aviv for 24 hours because a rocket landed near the airport. >> karen has more now on the escalating conflict. today they said they're prohibiting airlines from flying two or from the tel aviv airport for 24 hours. >> we take very seriously the security and safety of the american citizens. >> some of the largest european carriers announced they'll do
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the same. this dramatic move after a rocket landed one mile from the international airport this morning. israeli airports insisted the airport was safe for landing than departures. the family of five arrived at newark international airport this afternoon and found out their united flight to tel aviv was canceled. >> i've been waiting the to go to israel if r the whole year. they were lucky. they were able to secure seats on an israeli airline and will still have their family vacation. secretary of state john ker vi in cairo trying to revive an egyptian cease fire plan that israel supported but hamas rejected. >> hamas has a fundamental choice to make, and it is a choice that will have a profound impact for the people of gaza. >> overnight, two more israeli soldiers died, bringing israel's
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total death toll to 29. the death toll in gaza is now more than 600, according to the palestinian health ministry. today secretary kerry said a cease fire is the first step. karen travers, abc news, washington. he said it's understandable that families are worried about flying into the region, but he worries the fear of terrorism alone will hurt the summer travel season, which is very important to israel's economy. >> it's not about the damage. it's about the fear. now hundreds and thousands of tourists will not come to israel not because something bad will happen to them but because they're afraid something bad will happen to them. >> there are some from lvpt a. the council general says israel may respond with more force against hamas if it launches
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more rockets toward the tel aviv airport. >> a fiery crash caught on video. amazingly it isn't first. what he said happened. >> an unusual arrest in forecast. how a man found himself trapped inside a garbage truck and the hero who freed him. and the bay area executive accused of impersonating a tsa agent. the powerful family connections he has in hong kong. >> let's take a live look at the afternoon commute. this the sky way in san francisco. it's been backed up for hours trying to get out of the city. the oncoming traffic on the lower deck of the bay bridge. and it's starting to get more congested on the right side of your screen on the 101 south. heading to 101 south. looks like a long, slow commute ahead. stay with us, more to come on
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covering antioch and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> a truck driver is being blamed for a spectacular crash in kentucky. it's a little far off, but look at the top of your screen. the big rig making a turn is suddenly hit by a freight train and split in half. it immediately burst into flames. the driver was not seriously hurt. he told authorities he was focused on the back of his rig as he made the turn. so he never saw the train coming. the crash could have been worse, actually. officials say the car loaded with black powder was only a few cars down from the fire on the train, but the flames never made it that far. >> he is lucky. a recent graduate of california
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state university east bay sadly has died in a freak accident on a peninsula beach. 26-year-old was digging a hole in the sand when the sand collapsed and buried him. . this is a picture of the frantic effort to reach him. he was standing in the hole ten-feet deep yesterday at 5:30 when the sand poured back into the hole and buried him. cal fire is using this as a reminder to the public to be aware of the hidden dangers at the beach. another man lucky to just have minor injuries after an unusual rescue in san francisco. >> this man found himself in a dumpster on garbage collection day. things could have ended very badly. >> abc 7 news reporter amy holly has that story. >> reporter: it's tough to surprise san francisco firefighters. but these firefighters were quite stunned this morning to find themselves crawling into the back of a recycling truck to
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rescue someone. >> it was a little bit out of the ordinary for us. they say a man was sleeping inside a dumpster full of cardboard to be recycled, and unfortunately for him today is pick-up day. the driver didn't know sh he had dumped a man into the back of his truck until he heard a strange sound. >> he heard a bang iing inside e truck. it was unusual. he yelled out and then the person yelled back. so there was a verbal communication between the driver and the man who was at the bump ster. >> the driver drove straight to the department a couple of blocks away at 16th and irving and asked for help. >> this is a very unusual situation. the driver, his name is mike jones. he did a heck of a job. >> the man inside the truck did get smushed. there is a hydraulic push wall inside the truck that compresses the cardboard. but the driver turned it off
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when he realized there was a man among the cardboard. >> we understand he had a shoulder injury, but we're glad that he's healthy, and survived. he did a great job. if he hadn't heard him, he would have been trapped all day long and may have died. >> the driver has worked for 20 years. having a man in the belly of his truck is a first. the driver gave an interview to the company's safety department and headed back out to finish his route. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. mike krukow revealed he's suffering from a degenerative muscle disease. the 62-year-old former pitcher kept his condition a secret since he was diagnosed eight
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years ago. there is no cure and really no solid theory for exactly what causes it. the only good news here is this condition is not life threatening. he now wears braces on his legs for support and carries a walking cane for balance. giants fan love him so much. hopefully he'll be able to continue those are maybe the finest duo in broadcasting as far as local team announcers. >> you think of them and you think of the giants. >> absolutely. >> well, we wish them well. well, spencer is away but meteorologist sandy patel outside where the weather was really weird today. >> people are talking about the strange weather on social media. this typically tends to be one of the driest months of the year. but it is not out of the ordinary to get subtropical moisture triggering showers and thunderstorms. around this time. we usually see it with tropical
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systems dying. right now it's humid out here. clouds are around. it's not stopping the people from enjoying our weather. we'll talk about what's coming. more normal weather. that's all i can tell you. here are some clouds, as you'll notice on the north bay coastline. we have active weather to the north. a severe thunderstorm warning was issued just a short time ago until 5:15 p.m. strong thunderstorms have been developing. in the tahoe area. we don't have any thunderstorms yet, but just a lovely view of some build-ups a you can see there. 69 in san francisco. 75 in oakland. 73 in san carlos. 78 in san jose. and it's currently in the mid 60s in half-moon bay. sunny view from san jose. so far the temperature in the upper 70s. concord 76. livermore, 80 degrees. seeing some clouds around the
4:21 pm
golden gate bridge, and here's a look at the forecast. partly cloudy through tomorrow morning. sunny tomorrow afternoon. not as humid, and it's heating up thursday through saturday day. take a look at the satellite and radar. we're basically watching a clearing trend as far as the moisture and thunderstorms are concerned. they're moving out of the area. and the low clouds will fill back in, just as the normal pattern, and a drier, northwesterly flow will develop tomorrow afternoon, which means not as humid e and pli it have o sun for your wednesday. we'll see a lot of sun later on in the week as well, but the temperatures will start to come out. heat spreads west again, as we head towards thursday through saturday time period. tomorrow morning, mild, upper 50s to low 60s. it's going to be mostly cloudy skies in some areas. partly cloudy in others. can't rule out drizzle, and as we head towards the afternoon hours, here's what it's looking like. 79 in san jose and south
4:22 pm
69 degrees and comfortable weather for the north bay. upper 70s in santa rosa. buy buy to the mugginess. 73 in oakland. nice day in fremont. 76 degrees. inland highs, low to mid 80s. 85 in antioch. f 83 in walnut creek. accu weather 7 day forecast, we're going to turn up the heat on thursday. 96 inland. 70 at the coastline. sizzling summer weather for friday and saturday. upper 90s inland. and temperatures will dial back just a little on sunday. really but just a little. we're still going to hang onto the hot weather. larry, cheryl. >> sandhya, it's too hot already. >> biggers can't be cluzers. we're getting rid of the humidity. up next, a doctor who makes every birth special. the musical approach he takes to all his deliveries. >> plus, let the demolition
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begin. a special abc 7 project under way to build a safer place for some east bay children. and new after 4:30, a security breach in the big apple. the mysterious appearance of two large white flags flying over new york's brooklyn bridge. spokesperscard with a new volkswagen turbo.ardd why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month. there you go. it at us. so it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. yes, this week the kids invited us to their place. sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. but look at all this food we've got. yeah we got this delicious kfc meal and they threw in
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♪ happy birthday to you >> can i have the anesthesia please? what a way to come into the world. leading "head birthday" few newborns. he's known as the singing doctor. he's welcomed nearly all of the 8,000 baby he's delivered with song. ♪ i hear babies cry >> when i'm singing to the babies, i think i'm singing to a future important person. last the credit i give to all of them. so to me, it's a wonderful thing in my hand. the miracle of life.
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>> the doctor picked up this traditi tradition from a colleague 30 years ago. he was about to retire and asked him to continue the tradition. he has touched so many moms and babies. i'm thinking, you had a a rough childbirth, can you simmer down? >> he said future important person. it's lovely. zblf it's nice. it is. >> as long as larry doesn't sing, we're okay. nbc 7 is helping a bay area community build a great family. tonight crews started to demolish the playground in oakland. it's really become dilapidated over the years. >> and we're going to put in a dream playground that is safer and much more fun for the kids. there are basketball and tennis courts and lots of space for baseball, kickball and picnics. >> i remember as a kid going
4:27 pm
outside and playing and entertaining myself. today we have too many children using electronic gadgets. to experience the true joy of being able to be children. #. >> the new playground will be built on august 8th. we can't wait to show you the results when we finish. it will be fantastic. >> still ahead, we have new details about the life of the bay area executive accused of impersonating a tsa agent. this connection to one of the most powerful families in hong kong. >> plus the downing of malaysia flight 17. what top u.s. officials say did not happen. >> and the kind gesture from an anonymous well wisher to a stabbing victim.
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we're learning new details about the international banker who posed at a tsa screener while patting down female passengers at san francisco international airport. >> eric is the son-in-law of one of the most prominent families in hong kong. vic lee has more on what's a
4:31 pm
really peculiar story. >> reporter: we are learning more tonight. first of all, his father is a top official at the the u.s. treasury department. and he married a chinese family whose name is known to about every person in hong kong. we're also learning it's going to be awfully difficult prosecuting him or charging him with anything more than public drunkenness. newspapers in hong kong just can't get enough of the scandal. it's on the front pages billed as an embarrassment to one of the most powerful chinese families. it turns out the man who posed as the tsa screener is married to the daughter of the former head of hong kong. his daughter audrey is the woman on the the far right of the picture. the 53-year-old international investment banker was arrested last week at the tsa terminal. after passing security, he
4:32 pm
reportedly spent time at one of the bars drinking. sources tell us he stood behind the roll of tsa screeners as he lured a female traveler into a small room, where the the tsa takes passengers who need to be checked more thoroughly. the same sources believe he patteded the woman down in the privacy of the room. he then reportedly brought another woman in. that's when he caught the eye of a real tsa agent who confronted him and detained him until police arrived. he was only charged with being drunk in public, and not the more serious charges related to the presidenat downs because th sheriff's office can't find the two women. they already left on their flights. we learned investigators have reviewed security videos from cameras at the tsa check point. >> we believe the women involved were in about their 40s in age range and were of asian decent. >> they still don't know who they are. they need the victims to make
4:33 pm
the stronger case. if they do the district attorney says his pedigree background won't make a difference. >> we don't care if somebody is the wealthiest man in in world or a transient with no home in redwood city, everybody is treated the same here. >> meanwhile, slighton will be arraigned next month. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> president obama is set to arrive in the bay area in a few hours to raise money for the democratic national committee. he spent part of the day fund raising in seattle and is expected to arrive at 9:00. he will attend an event tomorrow at the real estate mogul's home. tickets went for $10,000 per person, which includes a photo op and lunch. the president cancel d plans to visit jimmy kimmel live in l.a. in part, because it may appear to be awkward on a comedy show
4:34 pm
while dealing with major international crises like the violence in the middle east and the plane crash in l.a. a ruling by a three-judge panel in washington, d.c. validated an irs regulation that implemented a key piece of the affordable care act. the regulation and subsidies for health insurance were available to qualifying middle and low-income consumers, whether they bought coverage on a state exchange or one run by the federal government. and a short time later, an appeals court in virginia reached the exact opposite conclusion. both rulings will likely end up before the supreme court. >> now to the latest on a downed malaysian plane in ukraine. senior u.s. intelligence officials say they have no evidence of any dreblgt russian government involvement in the shooting down of flight 17. they do believe ukrainian separatists, the rebels, shot down the plane by mistake after misreading radar images.
4:35 pm
and the crash scene is still unguarded across a wide stretch of farmland. abc news reporter is at the crash site in ukraine. >> reporter: a wheat field not far from where malaysia airlines flight 17 crashed littered with debris and completely unguarded. part of the crime scene, potentially crucial evidence loiing exposed. this piece in particular, unlike the rest, is burned and shows holes from an explosion. it raises questions only experts can answer. so far the experts still are not here. in the meantime, all of the evidence is unguarded. today many of the bodies are finally beginning their journey home. the process of identifying them is now under way. president obama is offering his condolences at the dutch embassy. >> we will work with them to make sure that that loved ones will recover. we will make sure ultimately
4:36 pm
justice is done. >> the u.s. and allies are increasing pressure. the european union imposing more sanctions on russia. putin blasted the ukrainian government for continuing the military offensive but said he would do what he can to facilitate the investigation. the plane's black boxes were turned over by rebels last night and will be analyzed by the uk. the full investigation has yet to begin. concerns growing that evidence may have been tempered with. f. >> international monitors that have visited the site say they've seen parts of the plane moved and cut to pieces. hopes of an untainted investigation fading now more than five days after the crash. abc news, ukraine. a touching gesture for the wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times in a murder plot allegedly hatched by two classmates. the 12-year-old received a
4:37 pm
purple heart medal from an anonymous military veteran along with a note saying the only heart i could find. be strong. the purple heart is awarded to wounded service members or those killed in action or die after being wounded. the girl has not been identified. she was lured into a park and stabbed 19 times in may by two classmates, according to police. the girls told police they were trying to impress a fictional internet character known as the slender man. >> truly bizarre story there. coming up at 4:00, a free trip to the market turned out to be very lucky for one bay area man. jimmy kimmel back and forth. he has big family news to share. and i'm i'm abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. tomorrow it's a drier afternoon. not ads humid. we'll start to see things clearing up. sunny skies over the san
4:38 pm
mateo bridge. uncoming traffic is a little thick headed back to the east bay. but moving nicely on the right hand side for those folks heading to the peninsula. back with more on abc i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats.
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like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life. this is great. a quick trip to a supermarket pays off big time. anthony says he went to the supermarket for chicken, peanut paddies and tomato juice. he bought a couple scratch
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tickets as he was leaving. he was stunned when the word "life" was revealed on this one. ful the price is $1,000 a week for 25 years. smith says he decided to take the lump sum, about three quarters of a million dollars. he and his wife will buy their first house with it and put the rest towards opening their own laundry mat. >> got money and a great work ethic. >> yes, life, cash. >> oh, well speaking of life, jimmy kimmel is back to work after a two-week vacation. >> says he painted the house and grew a beard and also had a baby girl. >> right freshly out of the womb. you know they come out wearing clown makeup. it's the weirdest thing. went a little bit heavy on the foundation. >> he did not say that. kimmel introduced his new daughter jane on the show. she was born july 10th. mom and baby are doing well. and kimmel says he's taken a bunch of pictures. let's see.
4:42 pm
10,000 a day. >> she's trying to guard herself from the paparazzi. you don't want to be photographed too much. one family in alabama recorded this video of a woman literally floating. almost like a trampoline under there. this happened after six inches of rain fell in two weeks in this part of alabama. the family says the grass was back to normal by yesterday. what a strange sensation that must be trying to get your balance on that. >> nothing like that ever happened here, right? >> i don't know. sandhya patel, have you ever seen anything like that? >> i haven't. but we could see some rain. the few hundredths we had not going to help our drought situation. but we'll take anything at this point because it helps in terms of the fire danger with getting the rainfall we had this morning. let me show you a beautiful time
4:43 pm
lapse. this is the kind of time lapse you would expect to see in perhaps hey, yeah. some tropical moisture this afternoon came through. and we saw really pretty cloud formations. we will start to see a change. already seeing low clouds beginning to develop, looking at live doppler 7 hd. we are going with a changing air mass. and if you're traveling around the country, some thunderstorms from new orleans to atlanta to d.c. hot conditions in phoenix. 114. seattle, portland, showers and a slight chance of thunder, and 114 in palm springs. really hot there. 90 in los angeles. f 94 in yosemite. stable air mass in the bay area. tomorrow's highs similar to today. perhaps down a little at the coast. upper 60s to mid 80s. we have heat coming here to the bay area. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. with a look at how sizzling it's going to get here in the bay area. accu weather 7 day forecast. i know larry is thrilled. >> well, your yacht just came in. that got me excited.
4:44 pm
>> wow. all right, sandy, thank you. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. a road rain incident caught on camera. the heated exchange and what triggered it coming up next. plus, the mysterious white flags on top of the brooklyn bridge. how did this happen? >> chrysler has a big recall and how a decimal is creating big problems for thousands of students. one of our favorite things to do is going to the dog park together.
4:45 pm
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chp is hoping people with learn from a road rage incident. a driver cuts in front of a pickup truck. it appears to be over, but moments later wooch what happens. the pickup driver throws two other objects. but that wasn't the end of it. it turned ugly when a passenger got involved. zbr i got you on video, [ bleep ]. [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ bleep ].
4:48 pm
okay, the chp says throwing anything at a car is misdemeanor. authorities in new york are trying to figure out who placed two white flags on the brooklyn bridge. normally american flags fly there. they were american flags that had been bleached. authorities still looking for a motive. >> at this time it appears to have no particular nexus to terrorism or politics. it may be an art project or an attempt at making some type of statement. >> but how did people get up there. >> the flags were likely switched out around 3:30 this morning. that's when surveillance video spotted four to five people walking across the span and the light on the support structures went out. so far nobody has claimed
4:49 pm
responsibility. >> well, the chinese rotten meat scandal has spread to three more restaurant chains. burger king and starbucks has stopped using it. that firm was shut down by local regulators. the firm was shut down after a tv report showed staff using expired meat and picking up meat from the floor and then adding it to the mix. >> a restaurant in ireland has earned potential customers with an unwelcoming sign. the sign in the window of a waterville cafe said no loud americans. it's located in a part of town frequented by tourists. other businesses say they welcome the tourists and the sign in the cafe window doesn't represent the local sentiment. >> loud americans. oh boy. >> where could they be coming
4:50 pm
from? >> well, the probe into ignition switches has expanded again. >> 7 son your side michael finney tells us engineers are looking into defects in the chrysler jeep. >> yeah, more than a million. nearly a million in jeep. more than a million all together. so far it's due to a an ignition switch defect. 2005 to 2007 jeep grand cher key suvs. chrysler says contact from the driver's knee can knock the ignition key from the on position because the position does stall breaking power to be reduced, making breaking power will be reduced. and make steering more difficult. affect affected customers will be contacted by mid-september about when they can schedule free repairs. as many as 792,000 more vehicles may be affected by the latest
4:51 pm
recall. what a difference a decimal makes. that's what 200,000 students who filled out a financial aid application known as fasfa. some how the online application was misplacing the the decimal points. students who had $3,000 in personal income were listed as having $300,000. the applications will be reprocessed. a new study finds the average university of california student graduates were $20,000 in debt. that's $5,000 less than the national average. verizon is sweetening the pot for those concerned about tracking online. they're offering reward points. the pointscan be redeemed for discounts towards shopping, travel and dining. verizon says the data is collected anonymously before it is shared with third parties. but rebecca of the electronic frontier foundation warns
4:52 pm
verizon will be able to create an intimate portrait about you and your friends. she says this is not a trade-off she would be willing to make. in this place, the points are not worth it. >> coming up next, a bay area woman rents out her home and gets more than she bargained for. the guest who now refuses to leave. >> dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. a live report on the soda tax heading to the ballot in san francisco. you'll hear from supervisors who approved the measure and find out where the extra money is supposed to go. also, michael finney wants to help you with your laundry. he's going to come to your house and look at the detergents that get your clothes the c
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now to a cautionary tale. this allows you to rent out rooms or your entire home to strangers. a story of a san francisco woman's nightmare and the unwanted guest now squatting in her home in southern california. >> this stunning 600-square foot condo in palm springs, ground zero for the latest horror story. cory represented it out through a popular website. but now more than 30 days later, the guy who rented it out won't leave. >> she describeded the situation as a nightmare. >> she told business insiders she gave the guest a refund, but he still refused to go and later he threatened to sue they paid her for the full refund and is working to move forward. >> they are extremely popular, but it's really, really up to
4:57 pm
you to understand the rules and laws that govern your areas. >> experts say they can be considered tenants. and that means to get ore guest evicted, she needs to go through an eviction process that could take months and thousands in legal fees. >> this is an anomaly, but it's a red flag. zb >> a similar eviction process that's been avoided from the nightmare nanny. the family fired her and was expecting the drawn out eviction process. but after initially refusing, she's finally moved out. in california and elsewhere, it's a good idea to know the law and renters' rights in your state before you invite them in. >> this is your home. the stakes are much higher for you. >> reporter: we tried to reach the alleged squatter but were
4:58 pm
unsuccessful. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> thank you. lightning strikes. just some of the unusual weather hitting the bay area this week. >> i'm abz 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. the area is changing. >> will you approve a sugar tax on soda? it's heading for the ballot in one bay area city. what's planned for the extra revenue. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and tla breaking news in san francisco. police are on the scene of a shooting in the bay view district right now. >> we are told that a woman was shot inside her home just after 4:00. >> we have more on the story. we'll bring you information as soon as it becomes available. good evening.
4:59 pm
i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. our other top story, the latest round of unusual weather. >> yeah, the rain caught some people off guard, as you might expect, especially this time of year. showers also down south. you're looking at highway 101 in santa clara early this morning. >> san francisco saw 0.4 inches of rain. the record is 0.6 set back in 1913. >> and adding to the weird weather, lightning. this lightning led to a weather warning for pilots flying near sfo. >> and you see a few clouds outside. >> abc 7 news reporter elissa has a look at the after-effects
5:00 pm
of the storm. weird this time of year. >> yeah, it definitely caught people by surprise. even though nobody was hurt, residents tell me they're shocked by how powerful and brief this storm was. >> huge noise. like an explosion. and it shook the house and rattled the windows. >> lightning, thunder and a downpour. weather rumbled through and jolted people out of bed. >> i was having a wonderful dream and a boom interrupted me. >> reporter: a lightning strike split a redwood tree and sent branches flying. debris cracked some windows and damaged her fence. >> i've been here 36 years. i've never had any kind of damage like this. so i was amazed. >> bill o'brien was getting ready to take a shower. >> i saw flames and i heard


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